Amigamerlin 3.1-R1, V5 pci, Red Baron3d problem

Started by notam, 12 June 2005, 00:30:42

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I'm using a PCI V5 while my GF6600GT is RMA'ing. I'm trying to get Red Baron 3d to run in Windows XP Pro/sp1.

I've installed the amigamerlin 3.1-R1 drivers, which seem to have gone in fine. I'm mainly playing the Forgotten Battles flight simulation using the WickedGL drivers, which is really working great considering the age of the V5 and the complexity of the simulation.

However with Red Baron 3d, which is a Glide only game (circa 1997), I get a warning screen that says the Glide drivers are too old, and the game only gives me 640x480 res. along with some texture problems.

Can anyone suggest how I can fix this, without gumming up my success with the Forgotten Battles game.

Any ideas appreciated.

My short sys specs are:
Abit NF7-S w/1gb RAM, 80gb SATA HD, Voodoo5 PCI, onboard Soundstorm audio, DVD-RW, DVD-ROm,...<+usual stuff>

Thanks for reading,


make sure you are not using a glide2x to glide 3x are using it,because its in the amigamerlin driver (if someone can tell me why,please do it).get this zip archive and unpack both glide files to your system32 folder,that should fix you up.


Thanks ps47!

The files and your direction worked great! No more problems with RB3d, I can get
1024x768 res. in Glide no problems now. I used to have a V5 AGP card in my PIII
system 5 years ago, but that was in W98/ME and I never had these issues.

I really appreciate your time and efforts in helping me out.