V5500 cooling selection/compatibility?

Started by Sanhime, 02 July 2011, 18:00:11

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I used a pair of Enzotech CNB-S1L forged copper heatsinks:


The heatsink and video card's mounting hole line up perfectly.  I didn't use the push-pins that come with the heatsinks, instead I used nylon screws for a more secure fit.  I also attached a pair of 40x40x10 mm 5V fans on top of the heatsinks.  You can see my card here:




nice modding :)

Did u use arctic silver 5 too ?
is the cooling efficient ?
Follow your dreams !


Re: m14radu

I used OCZ Freeze thermal paste.  The cooling is very efficient.  I currently overclock my V5 to 180 MHz with absolutely no issues or visual artifacts.