V2's, Fast Voodoo and anti-aliasing??

Started by LW_Hearse, 03 July 2003, 11:38:06

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Hi there!

I've been using 2 V2's sli with Geforce ti4200 so I can play Red Baron 3d and Il-2 Sturmovic.

My system is a PIII 800 mhz with 256mb ram. I'm looking for the best drivers and noticed the fast voodoo 2.3 driver. Is this primarily for athlon cpus or will it work on a P III system? Also , what is the anti-aliasing feature I see in the menu? V2's didnt have anti-aliasing did they? Will it help with the jaggies??

By the way, If you havent played RB3D, You really should. The community has made many mods for the game and it is almost up to par graphically with newer games yet is much more involving then many new games which lack substance.



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FastVoodoo2 3.0 driver supports any AMD or Intel based system so you can use it with PIII (fine). AntiAliasing filtering reduces jaggies with Direct3D games. Of course, AA implementation is no to Voodoo5 level...

Tnx for RB3D signaling. Put here a direct demo download link so all can try it.

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Here's that link to everything Rb3D ( Red Baron 3D).
Try http://www.wings-of-valor.net/ for everything Rb3D related.
Unfortunately Sierra discontinued any support of the sim so it's the community that has modified and improved it. It's the best WWI flight sim by far.

Its important to remember that for the full enjoyment, you need to add on. The original program is nothing compared to what the game is now.

I'm not sure if I can find a demo program but I do know the CD can be easily found on ebay. Also many community members may be willing to help and possibly even send you a free CD. We are always looking for new members.

Thanks ~ LW_ Hearse

The Raf

The antialiasing that the voodoo2 have is a premature feature that the card have. Infact is too different from the voodoo5...
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