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Started by My_Spleen, 03 June 2011, 03:34:21

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Hello, what can I use to OC a Voodoo5 5500 AGP under Windows 98SE?

The ones listed on this website are listed for only Win 2000 and XP.

I read of people using Powerstrip but that appears to be paid? And can't find an older version.

I also heard that OCing a 5500 will only OC one core, is that true? Is there a way to OC both cores?


Hmm, I tried some OCing but it appears I have that problem where it OCs only one core

I tried first the 3dfx overclocking tab in 3dfx Tools. Max stable I got was 180MHz up from 166. So it's almost a 10% increase, but in 3DMark 2000 I only get a 2% increase in points.

I then tried V.Control, same result. Then I found out that V.Control only OCs one core so I got the VSA100-Overclocker and followed the directions, putting all the files in the V.Control directory, then launched the VSA100 Overclocker and set to 180MHz and re-ran 3DMark, same result, only 2% increase over stock speed of 166MHz.



Looks like the 3dfx community is completely dead :( Not even the driver developers are active any more