Manhunt won't run on official drivers

Started by My_Spleen, 20 May 2011, 02:26:28

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Hello, for some reason Manhunt will not run on the official drivers from 3dfx, both the beta and latest final. The error I get when trying to launch is page fault.

But it does work if I use non-3dfx drivers like Evolution, x3dfx, etc. But I don't trust those and am happy with the performance of official drivers.

Is there a solution?

Also there's another problem. With all drivers, if I turn on AA on Glide games (UT99 and Homeworld is what I used to test), there's some bugs. In UT, the font is messed up. I don't know how to explain, and in Homeworld the entire menu is funky. Both are fine if I turn off AA.

Another weird thing with AA is if I use Evolution's driver, there's some sort of distortion in UT of the screen, like a 3D effect when you don't use glasses, but it's in normal colors. It's very blurry looking. Updating the glide library fixes that, but then I get the font issue above. I could have sworn it worked fine with AA before I started messing with all the drivers.. :(