Help me set up 2 voodoo 2 in sli please

Started by Laurent, 25 February 2005, 13:12:11

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Hi everybody,

Got the following : an old compaq deskpro pc boosted up with 2 creative labs voodoo 2 (8 or 12 mb, how do u tell ? They are ct6670 as i believe) cards in sli. Checked the forums out there (praise the lord for that) and installed fastvoodoo2 1.0 and they are detected in sli mode (so it says on the detect settings page). (had to cut up a ide cable to connect them inside the pc but hey they are detected so i did good, no ?) Now i got the following system : Compaq deskpro pentium pro ~200 Mhz, 256 MB ram, Matrox millenium 2 MB VGA card, 2 creative labs voodoo 2 cards (8 or 12 mb ???) in sli mode. Normally i startup in win98SE in 1024*786 in 16 bit mode (it can handle 32 bits with screensize 800*600 but i like it smaller). When i go to the voodoo 2 settings menu i can adjust settings, can u guys help me out here ? It says i can overclock from about 93 what is normal to 103 Clock speed. What does that mean ? What does the refresh rate mean ? How do u know if they really work together ? Are they working together ? What screensize and clock speed and refresh rate would be my ideal settings to play for example quake 1 or duke3d. (that were the games i used to play before i had to go to work everyday and please my woman in the evening. Now sometimes i just wanna game hours long and she better shuts up about it) What games (doom-clones) or other games could run very nicely on this machine with astonishing graphics ? Pleaze help me out here guys, i count on u... Greetz from an old-school gamer back to his roots...

Please guys replie at least once ???!!!


some info:
overclocking-dont touch.
refresh rate-use 85 if your monitor can handle it,60 and 75 will flicker and your eyes will hurt.
SLI-try to launch quake1 in 1024*768 res (see quake readme how to do this),if it works (you will need a minigl driver,search that page I linked above),SLI is ok.or you can just check that voodoo2 control panel,info about SLI is located there as well (advanced info or something like that)
duke3d-uses sofware rendering,voodoo2 is useless here..