Driver backporting/developpement on Linux ?

Started by Dr.Yak, 21 December 2004, 01:18:47

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First I want to say that I like very much the drivers that are published on this website.
It helps me playing 3D games on Windows XP without needing to change my hardware.
(And, as I am more interested in point'n'click adventure games, rather than in latest FPS,
my Voodoo 5 is far more than enough for the job, and its FSAA capability is really handy with games with fixed resolution).

But then I have the following question :

Will some of the current Windows driver developper use their knowledge to backport recent developpement from the Windows drivers to the Linux driver ?

Because, most notably, there is still lack for SLI support according to DRI website.
And it's just a shame I can only enjoy half of my graphic card processing power under Linux.
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