buyers interested in a Obsidian X-24 card

Started by USEAOL2000, 16 August 2004, 17:47:35

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ok, I am now REALLY REALLY thight on money, so thight that I decided to sell my Obsidian X-24 3dfx card...
I bough it off ebay in almost mint condition, and I have barely touched the card since it is in my vintage gaming machine.
I'm shooting for 140~ since I bought it on ebay not so long ago for 175$ plus tons of games to test out the card and play ;)
I'll include every bit of paper included in the shipping too me by the original owner, again I haven't OCed the card nor modded it, it still smells like when it got here :P kinda tabacco-ish
people interested can contact me thru AIM or MSN
AIM = saberj2x
MSN = momrjam -at-

[B)] thanks...
funny how life is eh?