Quantum X-24 and Radeon 9700 Anybody fix it yet???

Started by Brain, 23 May 2004, 02:50:28

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Hey just checking in, I posted a little bit ago.  Has anybody figured out how to get the Quantum X-24 and the Radeon 9700 or other radeon higher then 9500 to work.  I just get MemMap Error or black screen when ever I try to run any 3dfx games or apps.  It's a bug with ATI Radeon Cards that are higher then 9500 I believe.  I setup a System with a 9100 and it works perfect.

Hows the next driver of FastVoodoo coming along and will that fix that major bug.  

Untill then my pretty Quantum X-24 is in my computer just for looks.
My System
WinXp Pro SP1a
AMD XP 2100
512 DDR 333MHZ
ATI All In Wonder 9700
Quantum3d X-24
DX 9.0b
Fast Voodoo 4 Gold
CAT 4.5


Look, I don't know if this is a Radeon only problem. I get the same error, and I have a motherboard with nForce2 chipset and a GeForceFX 5200. So, I don't know what's the problem.

Look, try installing the FastVoodoo2 4.0 FX GE drivers http://www.3dfxzone.it/monitor/am/go.asp?url=49

Then, install this patch: http://www.3dfxzone.it/files/download/video/3dfx/voodoo2/fastvoodoo2/2kxp/02/fv2_fix_xp.exe

And tell us what happened.

Good luck! ;)


That's the version I installed, and that fix isnt really a fix.  It's the same Glide files that Quantum 3d final release.  That works great with a primary video card of a lower Radeon.

I posted a while ago that if you use the original glide files that quantum gave out and then use fast voodoo everything works. For older primary cards that is.

Oh well.
Still waiting for somebody to say their working on it in the next version of FastVoodoo :)


Some days ago, Glide told me that I'd try uninstalling the primary video drivers -he wanted to see something I don't know/understand-; in your case the Radeon ones. And then, try to play some Glide/OpenGL game -using the Voodoo2- to see if the Mapmen returned an error when trying to map memory still happens.

He said:

QuoteThe main card has a physical address which gets mapped by winblows. The V2 has another physical address. During initialization, Glide2x/3x will try to map the physical address into linear space. It either doesn't find the space (very unlikely), tries to map over an allocated area (stupid) or doesn't do something right from the NT point of view (I guess NT takes memory protection way to serious - every sane person who feels THAT paranoid should switch to Linux, anyway).

Try doing this, and tell us what happened. Good luck! ;)


Koolsmoky is on it, he just hasn't got time for it right now. Since I have that exact constellation (Radeon 9600 XT primary and X-24), we've been working on a solution (well, he is, with my feedback). Current status is that memmap succeeds on the primary V2, but still fails on the secondary. I'm confident that it'll get fixed in time.


Update !
My X-24 is mostly working as of today. In my case it was a resource conflict with my network card.