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Started by falcone, 18 December 2004, 14:06:46

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Hello guys
Please help me .... my Voodoo2(12mb) freeze my pc when i start some games ...
Metal Gear Solid or SWAT3 ...
In SWAT 3 when i go to restore career my pc freeze,no alt+tab, no alt+ctrl,del ... nothing ! When i go to a new game it works fine until the mission end or i press Esc freeze :( With my primary video card (SIS6326) works fine but very slow ... I have Win98SE,Celeron 366Mhz,96ram...
Could someone give me advise how to fix that . I have installed fastv2-win9x-v40ge , but with other v2 drivers i have same problem :(
Please help me .
10x , .
ps. Sorry for my bad english