Best 3DFX moments of your life

Started by Jules, 14 September 2007, 14:57:35

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Ok, so what are your best 3DFX moments of your life

Mine was when I upgraded my S3virge DX [xx(] to a Biostar Voodoo Rush and played need for speed with 3dfx and unreal 1.
The graphics where really outstanding.

The second moment approx. 2 years ago.
In a computershop in the netherlands ( De regenboog ) they sold old stuff but it was new hardware. I saw new voodooII's for 15 euro. I always wanted to test the sli setup of voodoo's.
So i bought 2 cars en installed them in a AMD duron 800.
I was really impressed by the performance from these old cards. I never aspected that. I tested al night long with old glide games but also new games.


To obtain Quantum3D Obsidian X-24 :) This card is superperfect!
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Every single moment with a 3dfx card is awesome...I don't know..maybe seeing my old p1 200mmx playing ut @1024x768 withdetails @ high runing "good"!that was awesome!palying quake1 and nfs!3dfx make my gaming experience much better!
MSI KT3/Athlon XP 2400+/2x256Mb OCZ BH5/3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP

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well achieving the 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 + 3dfx Voodoo Volts Rev.A 0030 and 5 weeks after that the 3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32 MB Rev.A0 3700, these two cards gave me the best 3dfx events ever.

the 6000 as being the most famous as most wanted 3dfx Prototype of all time as also being the most awaited 3dfx card since 3Dfx Voodoo2, but sadly the 6000 never made it to the market, as the 5000 AGP of being the smallest Voodoo5 card in size as per amount of ram per VSA-100 aka 16MB SGRAM per Chip :)

the 5000 AGP also interrest's me of it's design as layout, it would of been a good seller the performance as fillrate of a 5500 but with only half the ram which would of been sufficant back for it's day as inmost cases the 5000 AGP was faster than the 5500 because it's SGRAM had slighter faster latencies  heh.

3dfx Voodoo5 5000 AGP 32MB Rev.A0 3700

3dfx Voodoo5 6000 AGP 128MB Rev.A 3700 + 3dfx Voodoo Volts Rev.A 0030

3dfx Voodoo5 5000 & 6000 shots:
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I still remember..the day that my Father brought me from germany a sealed, brand new Creative Banshee  ( Price was around 275 DM )... the package and the card power in games like Heretic, Unreal or Quake2 was amazing.....
The graphics was just awensome ( reflections, candle light..effects... it was like a dream ) - before of this i had a S3 Virge card.
That were happy moments, and at that time the life was very easy for me...just going to school and play games on my rig. ( an Siemen Xpert P2 - 350 MHz...with a large amount of memory -128Mb )..
Those were nice times...

Those memories will be never forgotten...

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My most stunning moment was the arrival of my Voodoo5 6000 Rev. 3700 at the beginning of August in 2006. By far, nothing else was comparable. The feeling of unpacking and finally holding her in my hands ... awesome. This card is a living legend ... and that's the way we should treat her!

Greetings from Germany,
The biggest Voodoo5 6000 test ever:


V2, 8MB and then Turok+Unreal..Unforgettable moments...


Every time I lunch a Glide game or an emulator plugin and i can see "The 3DFX Splash screen" is a great time for me ┬┤Bros.

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Well I started playing Half-Life again this week on the Voodoo5 5500 PCI @ 1024 x 768 x16 3Dfx MiniGL API FSAA x4 LOD Bias -8 and man good ole memories are popping up again heh! :D

Yeah the games of the real 3dfx age are still exellent to drool as game around in. They are the games that never could bore anyone, even a mate of mine with his X1950 Pro is playing it and he said yeah it does look alot better on a Voodoo5 allrighty, that was cool te hear hehe [8D]
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My 3dfx moments was on my birthday. (12 October 1982)
I was 13 years old back then, dad didn't have the money to buy any card. He also does not want to disappoint me either.

That time, my father & my elder sister, took me to the computer shop. They wanted to buy me an ESS soundcard.

For the first time, I met  "GENIUS Voodoo2" right on that shelf. I have no knowledge about it, but I saw 3Dfx logo at the buttom left corner of it. Immediately, I remember my last game on Quake2->Option->Video where is says 3Dfx. I don't know anything about 3D, 3Dfx...etc.

I took the risk and told my father I wanted Voodoo2. He was reluctant at first, because he do not know whats Voodoo2, he thought that it was an expansive game! (It was EXPANSIVE).  He was saying... "Why not get this ESS SoundCard?. (Because dad love Music & HIFI). After discussion, I choose Voodoo2 over ESS SoundCard.

Took it back home, power it up with Windows95, there goes.. "OH MY GOD"!!!!!
As I grow up 4 years later, I discovered that Voodoo2 SLI!!! OMG! Such a waste! I should had bought 2! but the computer shop no longer sells Voodoo2! But, still.... Games I played on Voodoo2 was:
Quake (90% of my teenage life, was on Quake DeathMatch Multiplayer ! Drop Q95.bat and obtained GLQuake!!!)
Quake2 (10%)
Resident Evil 2 (1%, for admiring purposes)
Dino Crisis (1%, for admiring purposes)
Final Fantasy 7 & 8 for PC (5%, Man, D3D on Voodoo2 Was AWESOME!)
NFS Porshe & NFS :SE 3Dfx Edition (10% I was addicted a while)
SeriousSam (50% When I discovered it had Voodoo2 support, Kick-Ass time!
HexenII (30%, But I do not understand the story at all)
Diablo2 (90% I think it was TheOne and Only, RPG for 3Dfx, DIABLO RULES! but NOX is also another RPG games, I dont think it support 3Dfx!)
Mortal Kombat 4 (20%, I believe this game too, is 3Dfx)
King Quest..err (1%, for admiring purposes, The one that have 3D, something eternity...)
Unreal & Unreal Tournament (90%, The BEST EVER for 3Dfx! Truly remarkable game! I really shines the card itself)
Half-Life(Counter-Strike) (90% on cybercafe, playing on 3Dfx)

ahh.... Those were the days! The good ol' days. I cannot believe time really move soo fast! To really go back to those time, when internet (14.4kbps) start to emerge around the world, it's something that money cannot buy! Quake was King and forever will be King! That's the experience that today's kids, will never be able to get!

It was THE Fastest, THE Quickest, THE Most Action Pack, on 14.4 kbps Rockwell Modem Chipset, It change the gaming industry! I'm 27 years old right now, and I can certainly say this...

3D Games today (Army of 2, Prey, Left 4 Dead... etc,)
ALL FPS Games will never exist TODAY if it was not because of Quake from IdSoftware + 3Dfx!

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1. Current Setup:-

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Intel 810/815 Chipset
Allegro Soundcard
Voodoo4 PCI
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2. (Waiting for budget) Setting up Pentium Dual Core with Voodoo5 PCI! =)


Now my heart beats always higher, when i sit by my fast configured amd 5x86-133 socket 3 with voodoo graphics card, full caching L1+L2 fast write back mode 32MB ram (more makes the computer ram speed slower and the L2 runs in slower write through mode.
This is an limitation from socket 3 boards generally)
but:  i play tombraider 1, shadow warrior,
blood, fatal racing, nascar 2, nascar 1999, bleifuss 2 (screamer 2), bleifuss rallye (screamer rallye),  under ms-dos 6.22 with dosglide.
Or i look the fantastic dosglide demo - GODS -DIMENSION.
Under Win98SE - systemcache minimized with DirectX 7.0a,  and the latest V1 1999' reference driver i play Kyodai Mahjongg 16.22 DX7 (3D animated), Descent 1 with WinGlide Patch, WinDoom1+2 with OpenGL (Descent + Doom with an good hardware wavetable daughterboard sound on an SB16 CSP), Kalisto Ultimate Race Pro (Glide), Monster Truck Madness 2 with Glide, MS Cart Precision Racing with Glide, Need for Speed 2 SE,
Ubisoft Racing Simulation 1, SubCulture, MDK (Glide Patch)
Mech Warrior 2, Tomb Raider 2 and much more...
That gives me always the feeling "what for an revolution was this voodoo card."
This card let's run 3D applications running on an (fast) 486.
pure fantastic and faszination.
Voodoo Graphics in AMD 5x86-133. 3x V2-SLI in AMD K6-2 500, P-III Xeon-933 Dual, AMD AthlonXP 3000+.
Owner of V3-3000 PCI + Banshee PCI 16MB Card too.


I'm happy because I had and have many "best" 3dfx moments :) so I'm not able to narrate you those by one only "standard" forum message. However, I can to begin with this following screenshot (you can get the image at full video resolution just by a click on it).

It was captured about ten years ago, while I played Unreal Tournament game using my first two 3D Blaster (3dfx) Voodoo2 12MB graphics accelerators in SLI as well as a Voodoo2 driver kit originally posted by Creative and customized (like run-time configuration's settings) by me.

Imho, Unreal Tournament "lives" on 3dfx hardware :).

It's all for now.

Bye bye


I got my Voodoo II in August 1998, it was my dad's spontaneous purchase while he was hanging in a tech store with his old friend who was/is a tech guy. I was playing Unreal in that time and the effect that Voodoo had on Unreal was jawdropping as you all know. Before that I had Matrox Mystique 4MB PCI card without 3D support, but I was very surprised how well Unreal worked on it (great software rendering), because other games of that era like Half-Life and Thief (which happen to be one of the greatest games of all time) were literally unplayable on the Matrox card.
I was fool to trade my Voodoo II away but recently I put together an oldskool pc with Voodoo 4 for old games and I've been having a blast. Like today I revisited a great adventure game called Lost Eden (1995) from Cryo Interactive, it doesn't use 3dfx graphics tho :)


Old post, I know, but I've been (trying) to get my voodoo setups working on some classic machines I still have.

My first 3dfx experience came when I went to a local computer mega-store and saw what the Diamond Monster did for GLQuake. It was 1000% better than the stock graphics. I was working for the dad of a friend of mine fixing computers, and he gave this to me as payment, and it was totally awesome.

Most of my early games with it were GLQuake, Quake2 and Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. A couple years later I bought a Voodoo 2 and continued with my standard gaming until they faded away. I still kept them, though. I'm playing some 3dfx games on some old computers now and it sure brings back memories. The 96-99 years were totally awesome for computers.

My best memories were with MW2:Mercs. I played on MERCNET all of the time and although the game was buggy with one of their patches, the graphics were awesome. The machine I had in my glory days was a K6 233, overclocked to 250@83mhzm with my Voodoo2. This was with an early mobo, so the PCI slots were running a full 41.5mhz. I remember ALWAYS being the first to drop into a game, even against dual PII 333's and OC'd Celeron 300a's.

Damnit, you guys are getting me all nostalgic!


Risky50: Great post! Really interesting to read.

I don't have much history but when I was a teenager, me and a friend were really into games (but somehow I don't think we knew what savegame was hehehe, because my memories only give me that we start games from the same level each time (I remember we played NOLF on the sniper level many times, but not because it was so fun).

I don't even know what graphics card I had, but he had Voodoo 3 and his games all ran really great.

Remember played NFS Porche, he had the MS Sidewinder steering wheel
Also that racing game with the huge cars
Mortal Kombat 4
Unreal (scary, we didn't play it much)
He had a few games that had 3dfx logo (newer one with orange stripe) but I don't remember which, but they ran really good.

Now I built P3 1GHz machine with 512MB RAM and V5500 to relive them. I have a very long list of games that I installed and I'll list them here, maybe someone else will be interested in them

Age of Wonders
Aliens vs Predator
Blair Witch
Blood 2
Carmageddon 1 + 2
Deus Ex
Divine Divinity
Dungeon Keeper 1 + 2
Grim Fandango
Half Life
Iron Storm
MDK 1 + 2
Rainbow Six
Red Faction
Serious Sam 1 + 2nd Encounter
System Shock 2
The Thing
Unreal Tournament

I'm set for a long time :D <3 3dfx!