Which New Games work with the v6000 and v5500 ??

Started by ElvIsAlive007, 23 September 2003, 20:45:08

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to be honest i think unreal is rather better than them all ( unreal tournament 99, ut2k3, ut2k4 and i think ut2k7 )

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@ yes32

that is your opinions the best for multiplayer still remains to be Unreal Tournament Game Of The Year Edition 1999 for 3dfx cards it has the best action :) and yeaps Quake3 is also great fun everuone has thier own opinions on what they think is best ;)

for me

Call of Duty 1.51 + MesaFX,
QuakeIIIArena 1.32 + WickedGL 3.02,  
Unreal Tournament Game Of The Year Edition 1999 ver 4.36
Descent3 ver 1.5 beta

Great on Voodoo5 5500 PCI.

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any new games that are working with 3dfx hardware ?
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Well Half Life has qua gameplay as AI as graphics the best combo's for a 3dfx game of it's time, far more superior than Unreal's gameplay & AI, though the graphics from Unreal were in some cases better qua textures and so on. ;)

as the Unreal Engine was also alot more stable to use.

and about new games I am gonna test X2 The Threat this week, see what that does.
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QuoteOriginally posted by mate175

Metal gear solid 2 works on voodoo 4?

No, I never got it working on voodoo cards.
You can try, maybe the latest SFFT drivers work.
Or try 3D-Analyze, let us know your results.


IL-2 Sturmovik is a WW2 combat flight simulator.
It can run on Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 in Open GL or DirectX mode.
You will find V3 and V5 predefined profiles in IL-2 setup application.
You can also customize the conf.ini file.

This video shows the rendering you can expect with a Voodoo5 @183Mhz
On G41 Intel MotherBoard with E5500 Dual-core Pentium @2,8 Ghz and 4 Go DDR3.
Windows 7-32 Drivers SFFT 1.6 Display 1280x960 DirectX 32 bits 50% Textures.