Which New Games work with the v6000 and v5500 ??

Started by ElvIsAlive007, 23 September 2003, 20:45:08

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Sonic Adventure DX - 1152x864x32 4xFSAA - very fast
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QuoteOriginally posted by InSomNiaN

Latest one to add to the list is... (drum roll)

Crazy Taxi 3 (although runs slooooowww, no glitches or errors)
Wwwwait a second... no glitches ? How ? No missing textures ? I can't believe it :)
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@ Flash,
Lol, believe it my friend, it looks good, but runs really bad (about 5fps). [:0]
After attempting to play it to see what it was like, I found it was exactly the same map as CT1, so what a huge let down by Sega!! Not worth playing in my opinion....[xx(]
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Those of you who can run Need for speed Hot Pursuit II couls help me?
Waht the drivers and configurations to run smoothly?

I notice frame drops very often even playing at minimum game details.

My PC:
tbred 1700+@3200+
ddr333@433 2-2-2-6
Voodoo5 5500 PCI
ABIT KV7 VIA kt600
Audigy with latest creative drivers (switched from kX drivers little ago)

Any ideia? Do I have to use 3d-analyze?


EDIT: using Amigamerlin 3.0 XP
AmigaMerlin / SFFT / MesaFX
Sempron64 3000+, 512MB DDR400 2,5-3-3-11
Voodoo5 5500 PCI (Rev 3100)



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Works flawlessly with v5 6000. Had some annoying errors like having the minimap not displayed on the v5 5500. Game Performance is FAR better on the 6000 when zoomed out.

All Games with K.R.A.S.S. Engine: v5 5500 only, don't run on 6000's (Target Resolution not found...)
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Chaos Legion - Some glitches in menu, ingame ok. Fast.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload - Flawless, very fast, looks nice w/4xFSAA on V5 6K, A little slow w/8x on 6K and 4x on 5500 (but it's only 900Mhz celeron :))

Red Faction 2 - flawless, a bit slow (this game sucks, RF1 waaaay better)
Star Wars: Jedi Academy - flawless w/ MesaFX
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One very minor bug, very fast.
Neverwinter Nights - better to run Windows version on Linux w/ Cedega (WineX) - working movies
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As was mentioned before, UT2003 bench runs fine, also Serious Sam 2nd Encounter. IL-2 also works fine. These games came out very late near the end of the Voodoo5's lifespan.

Anybody try Dronez and GunMetal? How about Medal of Honor? I will when I have time.


Medal of Honor runs fine with MesaFX, I suggest you have a look at the screenshot section...

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There's just gotta be way that FarCry should be able to run on ouur Voodoo4 & 5 cards, it is D3D, isn't there a way to skip the Video card detection? of is there a way to change a sentence in the .ini file so Voodoo4&5 will be accepted?

I just hope it will work out some day.


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What is the status for HL2 and voodoo5500?

Is there a driver that runs it, and what are the necessary settings?

BTW:  Many thanks to Amigamerlin for creating this great amigamerlin 3.0 driver I'm using.  You are truly a genious, and your dedication to the 3dfx community is admirable.  I'll have to try out your latest version sometime soon.
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Use Amigamerlin 3.1 R1 (thats what I'm using);)


Voodoo, you are a saint for sharing this information... I had already tracked down other postings of yours which lead me to the answer I was looking for. :D

Now, quit posting to tell people about and go play the game! :D j/k

Thanks a lot for the prompt answer! If you ever need any PC or overclocking help, stop by my home and myself and the other good guys over there would be happy to help you out.
Running HL with my voodoo5500!  w00r!



I have been playing pc games for a long long time, this is the best ever IMO ;)