voodoo2 8mb beats my geforce2 64mb at CS fps

Started by Hellraiser3108, 17 September 2003, 06:33:58

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Well, fact is that my mobo has very very very very crappy agp support (via apollo pro 133 with 2x agp bus which works at probably half this rate). The fact still remains - at 640x480 the voodoo2 beats the ge-force (with the wickedgl loaded of course). Usually my framerate with the ge-force2 goes up and down from 99fps to 24 (it was the same with my old TNT2 m64). It doesnt matter what drivers for video/mobo (I have all the latest ones for the ge-force and the latest 4in1 from via) or what version the game is. The resolution doesnt seem to matter either. I get the same fps at 640x480 to 1024-768. With the voodoo2 i get solid 60 (and the reason that it doesnt go more is because the vertsync is probably on). Anyway, kick ass video card. I have always had a dream to have one of these voodoos, ever since they came out. Only recently did i get the chance to acually get my hands on one. With the help of your amazingly well done site i got results that really blasted me away. Great job, thank you very much.

Btw my system is p3 800, 256 ram, sb-live value, Geforce2MX400 64mb and Diamond Monster II 8mb.

DAmn did these results filled my soul with joy lol. Anyway..when i get new mobo (or hopefully pc) with decent agp support i will use the ge-force (which is 4x btw). Till that day i will have fun with the diamond monster (maybe get a second one and make a sli).

Again guys, kick ass site, lots of great files and stuff around (kindda hard to navigate since i know no italian at all but hey..maybe i will learn some lol).

P.S Gotta see if the voodoo beats the ge-force on the q3demo test.

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Fear Factory Rule


A second Diamond Monster is an excellent idea
don't forgot : 1 Voodoo2 this is 800*600 ; 2 Voodoo2 this is 1024*768 if the game allows of course
You will not be the first who owns a Radeon or a GForce followed by 1 or 2 Voodoo2


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The fickle frame rate is typical of all nVIDIA based cards: these have very high peacks of velocity and great falls of this. Costant and meanly high is the frame rate for 3dfx boards.

Please note that the good performance of your Voodoo are due to the clock of PIII cpu; your VIA mb is not so bad...and if AGP support for Geforce is crappy...PCI support for Voodoo2 is crappy too...

Really and more simply the Voodoo2 is a big card when driver and game fully support it ;)

Finally, welcome in this board.

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