Started by 0zz, 12 January 2004, 18:27:08

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I work in computer store, fixing machines. Today, some guy bring me his Pentium 2 300Mhz:s machine to me and tell he wants to sell it and get some €uros of it when he buys a brand new P4. We made a deal. This is not the point. The point is.. there was inside a graphics card Called 3DX5000TV (just like that writed. I tried to found some infomation of it by Web, but I only found 2 drivers.. one of them (WIN ME) dowsnt even work.. it was 15bit long :-/. WIN98SE Drivers works,, or they at least installs itselfs when trying. Card made by INNOVISION. There is a BIG sign of botton of right side of the card.. also driver page told that there drivers are INNOVISION 3DX5000TV PCI card.. yes my card is PCI. ANYBODY have any information to share with me conclusing this 3DX5000TV card. It has 4 diffr. adapters. 2 Graphic card adapter, one male, one bitch. One TV-OUT and one which look like RCA in the top of the card... Theres also 2 BIG (I dont knoe that word in english, but you know what I mean) lets call them processors.. and bot got BIG 3DFX logos, so yes.. I kno it is 3DFX card .. but why I cant find ANY infomration of it? By the way.. under where the 3DX5000TV sigh is.. under is little text: Voodoo Graphics Card TV out 3D add on" Just like i wrote it. Could anybody tell me little.. or little more information about this crd.. seems like its very exotic... I also wonder, why there are Male and Bitch Graphic connectors.. is it only ADD-ON Card like Voodoo1 a "few" years ago :) or does it run by itself? I dont know what im doing with this card .. looks like expensive.. and I dont wanna throw it away before I find some specs of it.. I can use it some of my other machines.. I got 5 puters running.. If its run by itself, or do I need a cable between this Voodoo and my old card ? INFORMAYION PLEASE.. I get grazy.. Its not voodoo5 and its not voodoo 4 5000 or what those are,, this is something else and if somebody real can help me.. please do that. You can mail me directly ,then I get the answer right away.. or write the answer here and copy/paste it into my mailbox ,which is: mack0@hotpop.com .Sorry my BAD english, I wish you all understand still my problem :) I would be glad to get any information.. maybe drivers too? Ok. Im done. Now I have to wait if somebody who knows has time to read this so called english ;)


Well, as far as I know this is a Voodoo1 Add-On graphics card.
This means you need an additional card to handle all the 2D stuff.
This also explains the male/female connector on your board. To run this card you need a pass-through cable. You connect the Voodoo1 with your primary graphic card and then your monitor to the Voodoo1.
BTW, Win98 should recognize it as Voodoo Graphics as it has drivers for it on the Windows-CD.


OMG.. You mean that this is the FIRST voodoo ever made.. voodoo 1 and 4MB memory if I remember right. Only change the first Voodoo1 is that this card has TV-OUT or was the first voodoo available with TV-OUT feature too .. 6-7 years ago ?


Still have to say.. I had have Voodoo1 when it first came to stores.. I bought it right away.. It was way different look than this are.. This is big like Horse and I Dont understant those marks. .. 3DX5000TV ... what 5000 ?


I would actually guess it to be a voodoo 2. Some images for refrence:

Voodoo 1:

Voodoo 2:

These images are hosted by 3dfxzone.it.

Note the "lines" that occur on the V1 (also known as a Voodoo Graphics) of the GPUs and RAM. That will almost always occur, no matter the manufacturer. On the V2, sometimes it varies slightly between manufacturers, but it should usually be this design.

EDIT: Now that I actually look at the pictures, I realize a slight mistake: The RAM chips on the Voodoo Graphics are sometimes turned sideways, so that the 4 are lined up (sideways from the current config) beside each GPU.
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I searche and found that is a V1... about ur question of "what 5k?", well.. I gues that when 3dfx born, they don't make his own cards, sell the chips to another manufactures and they recall the card, like Diamond (Diamond Monster 3D) or another else.... I guess that it's the reason for the card looks different to another V1...[B)]