Problems with Hitman2,Hitman3 in voodoo2

Started by v2, 10 April 2005, 09:02:18

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I have winxp and I've tryed to play hitman2 and hitman3 with voodoo2 using the Mesa FX .The game runs fine for a while,then suddenly it halts and I'am pushed back in the desktop.
In hitman3,worse:When the game halts my computer restarts without warning or nothing.Just simply restarts or  I recive this error
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I've tryed all drivers (including this location: )  and all combination ,and nothing works.
Now ,I know that Hitman2,hitman3 had been designed for d3d platform only,but the develloper had included an  openGl render.
In the hitman2.ini file :
I changed the line :DrawDll RenderD3D.dll with DdrawDll RenderOpenGl.dll,set the colour depth to 16,and the resolution to 640x480.
I have downloaded and  installed the opengl32.dll(mesa, in the hitman3 folder, created a batch file
in wich I wrote these 2 lines:

Then I launched the game via this batch file and As you seen above its
So if have the same problem ,please report.
Current glide driver in-use:KoolSmoky's glide driver for winxp
Current mesafx glide library in-use:opengl32.dll mesafx(ver

Here is some screenshots taken (until the game halts):
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you are the guy from here,right?

anyway,you problem is not voodoo2 related,something is wrong with your know how to reinstall windows xp,do you?  

anyway,try this first:
-install the latest drivers for your motherboard (what motherboard do you have,btw?)
-reinstall the latest directx  
-scan your system for viruses/spyware


Yes ,mr 47 ( "Tobias Ripper") :D
Nice to meet you again:D
Talking about wrong settings:

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Wow, Hitman2 and 3 with a Voodoo2??? I have to probe it.
LoL, good job


yeah,it runs.check the 3dfx helppage and game guide,the link is in my sig.


QuoteOriginally posted by Xasd

Wow, Hitman2 and 3 with a Voodoo2??? I have to probe it.
LoL, good job
As you saw above the game can be playied.But me I have an unknown bad
error.( I have winxp)
If the game works for you ,please post your system specifications here
including the voodoo2 driver that you used and the operating system
,please.Thank you.