3dfx driver sources

Started by r21vo, 08 June 2004, 19:52:14

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QuoteOriginally posted by r21vo

All what I could find out on that sf site was that there is some development going on fixing/merging glide libs under *nix. There were no signs of sources for voodoo stuff for windows.
Okay. Do not forget to checkout the "glide-devel-branch". The default branch is what 3dfx originally comitted. Anyway, The sources are pretty complete, you just need to write your own makefiles for windows. The current status is like that:
  • sst1 - needs win32 makefiles, DOS/Linux ok! Missing some files to compile Rush
  • cvg - needs win32 makefiles, DOS/Linux ok
  • h3 - needs win32 makefiles, DOS/Linux ok
  • h5 - ok
Daniel Borca