AA 22bit Screenshots with full Quality?

Started by roflkopp, 17 May 2005, 16:18:52

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HypersnapDX produces, even with enabled postfilteroption, more or less obvious colorbanding if AA is enable. With 2xAA colorbanding is barely visibly (depending on Scene) but with 4xAA Screenshots have a really bad quality.

Is there a way to make good AA/22bit Screenshots?


Ok, no one answers, so I post what i found out:

It's simply impossible to grab postfiltered antialiased 16bit Screenshots with their full quality under d3d/openGL. For Glide games, their is the only possibility to use the driverimplementet screenshot function, alas.

So we can say, that every 3dfx d3d/opengl 16bit/AA Screenshot in the www does not show full quality. [:(]